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Carnarvon Gorge - Flora, Fauna & Weather


sunny 15 °C

Coordinates - 24.6358° S, 147.9972° E

At Carnarvon Gorge National Park we spotted so much gorgeous wildlife - from both close up and afar. It was just a DARLING experience. There were so many wallabies and kangaroos that were hilarious to watch. kangaroo2.jpg wallabies.jpgcgw.jpg
And a couple of yellow-bellied gliders feeding on eucalyptus sap were spotted too! ybg.jpg
Unfortunately, we weren't lucky enough to see any echidnas but the young couple that we met -Michelle and Louis- did witness one trawling on the ground early in the morning. Echidna_short_beaked.jpg
If you arrive when Louis and Michelle did you also might see a majestic and powerful owl.
Long-finned eels and platypi were noticed in some of the streams and creeks. What a site!

The beautiful plantation that was growing on the trail walks was thick and luscious, creating a naturally stunning environment. Ferns, Carnarvon Fan Palm, Sydney Blue Gum and Cycads were only some of the well-nurtured plants seen on on our visit. Many of the Gorge's plants provided food or medicines for local and national indigenous aboriginal groups and this was pointed out to us in our Australian Nature Guided tours.


Carnarvon Gorge’s peak period is between April to September. Usually around 65 000 people attend the Conservation Park every year and the most amount of visitors is 500 people in one night! The average rainfall is approximately 1000 mm per year which isn’t too wet nor not too dry. The wettest month is usually February, while the driest month is August. The many sections of Carnarvon National Park now cover 298,000 ha of the central highlands.

However, when we visited, Walter and I found the weather delightful ─ sunny day, blue sky, cute puffy clouds, with a beautiful crisp and refreshing temperature of 15˚C─ the weather couldn’t have been better.

Minimum Temperature: -2 °C.
Maximum Temperature: 45 °C.
Avg. July Temps: 6.3 °C-20.9 °C.
Avg. January Temps: 20.5 °C-35.5 °C.

Weather graphs: Temperature | Rainfall | Rainy days | Clear and cloudy days | Windspeed | Humidity |


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